Sezane Review Post

Apologies in advance for the super long post! So I’ve been inspired by a couple of the great brand reviews that have been posted yesterday, and decided to do one for Sezane, if anyone is interested. I’ve bought quite a few items from the brand over the past few years. A couple pieces were purchased from the website for full price, but most were purchased either from an Archives sale or secondhand. At this point, half to ⅔ of my work wardrobe is from Sezane, as well as a few casual pieces. I’m a social scientist/academic and my work dress code is somewhere in between business casual and business formal, depending on the day.

My stats, for reference: I am 5’7” and 135-140 lbs. My shoulders and hips are both 39 in and my waist is 26.5 in. In most mall brands, I wear a S/4 in tops and a 6/8 in bottoms. Proportionally, I’ve got broad shoulders, thick thighs and a fairly small waist, and a long torso.

Before I get into individual pieces, I’ll give some overall thoughts about the brand.


  • They are a relatively sustainable brand – they just got B Corp Certification.

  • Sezane items typically have beautiful detailing. Things like embroidery, sleeve details, and covered button plackets are always done well. Their lace items are really great quality. Many of their items are lined as well (although some aren’t).

  • They have excellent customer service and fast shipping/refunds on returns. The presentation of their items in the box is great (I know some people don’t love the perfumed tissue paper they wrap their items in, but personally I like it).

  • They do a great job with items that have a slight vintage flair, but don’t feel costumey or too on the nose. I like 40s and 70s fashion but don’t want to wear it head to toe, and I can often find vaguely reminiscent items in details from those decades on Sezane pieces.

  • In my opinion, their jackets, knitwear, jewelry, statement belts, and silk blouses are especially good values in terms of price/quality tradeoff.


  • Styling photos on the website are gorgeous, but some do a terrible job of showing what the actual garment looks like.

  • Sizing can be really inconsistent. Sezane’s fit notes also don’t do anything to help make size decisions, at least in my experience. They sometimes include notes like “if in between sizes, choose the size below/above,” but in my experience there is no correlation between these notes and the actual item fit. It would be nice if the brand would include measurements for each garment.

  • Most of their blouses/tops are cut very straight and wide. For my semi-hourglass shape, I would prefer a bit more tailoring. I find most blouses look pretty bad on me unless they’re tucked in (with a couple of exceptions).

  • I’ve found that some types of items aren’t great value, in terms of cost/quality tradeoff (I typically shop for these items secondhand). In my experience, this includes most dresses, jumpsuits, blouses that aren’t silk, and shoes.

  • Sezane has a long way to go in terms of size inclusivity.

General fit notes for my body type, in case it helps anyone:

  • Trousers and denim from Sezane don’t work for me (see photo note for one exception, below). I’ve got a pretty curvy lower half, and haven’t found trousers that wouldn’t require extensive alterations (despite trying multiple sizes).

  • Bodysuits from the brand aren’t long enough for my long torso.

  • Trousers are really long – even with the ones I don’t keep, they would require hemming. At 5’7”, this is really unusual for me.

  • Deep v necklines/wrap tops are too low for me, although I wear this style in other brands.

  • Unless an item has puffed shoulders, Sezane items aren’t typically broad shoulder-friendly. I usually size up in jackets and some tops/knitwear just to accommodate my shoulders.

  • Short dresses are really short – I haven’t found any that go past my fingertips.