The Ultimate Sézane Review – What We Like and Dislike About the Brand

Sézane is a French brand that creates beautiful and unique clothing. The brand is undoubtedly entwined with French culture and quality craftsmanship. Clearly, France and the very best in fashion often go hand in hand, and Sézane is proud of its French roots and classic style.

If you are looking to incorporate that effortlessly chic, Parisian aesthetic into your wardrobe, buying from Sézane is a great way to channel French style and sophistication. Read on for an honest review of the brand, the good and the bad.

The Founder of Sézane

Morgane Sézalory founded Sézane in 2013 when she found an abandoned suitcase full of vintage apparel. This inspired Morgane to start a business, ‘Les Composantes’. Morgane would alter vintage clothing and sell them online in monthly drops, which became an anticipated event in France.

This led to Morgane creating the brand Sézane, which included her own designs alongside vintage pieces. Sézane now has many stores in Paris and other French cities, but they also have two stores outside of France in New York City and London. Sézane also has a large presence on social media as well as an active website for purchasing products.

Firstly, one of the many things we love about Sézane is how it was born from the idea that all women should be offered high-quality, perfectly-cut pieces that can be worn forever.

Sézane has a collection of quality knitwear, blouses, leather goods, and so much more that has been crafted using experienced ateliers. Sézane describes themselves as offering “luxury quality at a fair and accessible price”.

One of our favorite product categories at Sézane is dresses. Their collection of floaty dresses in feminine patterns are perfect for a wedding guest or other special occasion, and they can be paired easily with accessories.

Made with Quality Materials and Expertise

Europe produces two-thirds of Sézane’s clothing and accessories. Countries across the world have been carefully selected for their skills, expertise, and access to quality raw materials.

Italy and Portugal were selected for their expertise in leather, India for their embroidery skills, China for their silk production, and Bulgaria for their weaving expertise. Most importantly, Sézane ensures the best working conditions for all.

Sézane’s Philanthropy Efforts

Morgane founded DEMAIN (meaning tomorrow in French) in 2017. The philanthropic fund formed by Sézane has the mission to support children whose prospects are unfairly disadvantaged. The program works with various charities to fund access to education, culture, and equal opportunities for children around the world.

Putting their beliefs into action, Sézane donates 10% of profits and 100% of the proceeds from a dedicated ‘solidarity’ piece on the 21st day of each month to projects supported by DEMAIN. So far, DEMAIN has impressively raised more than 3 million euros for their partner charities.

Sézane’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sézane is passionate about sustainability. Three-quarters of their materials are eco-friendly and four of their lines are entirely 100% eco-friendly, which includes their essentials collection. They also sell 13,000 pieces made from recycled materials.

But Sézane does not want to stop there. They have set a goal to reach 85% eco-friendly materials by 2022 and strengthen the traceability of their collections to trace every step in the production chain. Sézane also publishes their report of concrete actions, so their consumers can hold them accountable.

Delivery Costs and Minimum Spends

However, the brand isn’t without faults. Delivery is only free for orders over $200, which seems a little outdated when many other similar brands have a much lower minimum spend. So unless you are keen to spend $200+, it is likely you will have to shell out for a delivery cost.

Standard delivery to New York is $10 which is on the pricier side. If you are wanting your package to arrive after 24 hours this goes up to $15.

A Short Return Policy

Sézane states that returns are free; however, their return policy is just 14 days. Since the pandemic, many brands have increased their return policy, such as Uniqlo offering returns up to 90 days. A longer and more flexible return policy reflects the uncertainty of current times with many places experiencing different rules and lockdowns.

A Lack of Exchange Service

Unfortunately, Sézane expresses that they do not operate a standard exchange service. So if you want to order an item in a different size or color than the one you bought, you have to return your current order and place a new order separately. This seems a little unnecessary when normally you could take care of exchanging your order in one task.

Their exchange service, or lack of it, means customers can be charged for both items before being refunded for your initial order. In a time where people are constantly checking their direct debits and bank statements, the uncertainty of payments can be frustrating.

We love what Sézane stands for, their promise to philanthropy and sustainability, and their devotion to producing collections of beautiful clothes and accessories. We only hope that the logistical aspects will be straightened out to provide the best shopping experience for all.